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Purpose to Profit A Powerful Business Blueprint for Changemakers 

This is the exact strategy I used to go from minus-red numbers to a steady monthly income of £3000 in less than 6 weeks. 

“I was able to create a website, my copy for content, a new bio for business and a very clear strategy of how I was going to take this to the world. We have now got thousands of social media followers, have launched my first successful event and are creating more events to come. I got media coverage and interviews. Going to market with a strategy in place by launching it authentically and succinctly is extremely empowering. That is what this programme offers and so much more.” - Tamar Peters, Founder of My Avatar Adventure and Top Speakers Events  

You’re in the business of changing the world  

But business isn’t doing so well. You’re an inspiring trailblazer of social, environmental and systemic change. You’re a creative, holistic, self-reflective, conscious entrepreneur. Maybe you’ve worked in NGO’s before or you’re an activist for causes you care about. Either way, you’re a natural optimist and feel the world can be better. You may have already tried or are trying to start your business but you’re overwhelmed, frustrated, and otherwise stuck. Sales have trickled in – you’ve attracted a few new clients – but it’s nowhere near where you want to be and you don’t understand what you’re missing. Here are the top reasons why Changemakers aren’t turning a profit when they create their brand:  

1. “I’m overwhelmed and having a hard time finding clarity enough to move forward” You struggle to narrow your focus into a business vision. You have an eclectic mix of skills and knowledge and wonder how all of it can be united into a concise, unique, and purposeful brand message to attract the right audience to you. You become paralyzed by ‘mind scramble’ when you should be working on your business. Even something as simple as posting on social media stresses you out because you feel unsure if what you’re about to post aligns with your “brand”. Making a website to offer your product or service feels near impossible because you have no idea how to position yourself.  

2. “If I don’t price myself low enough, no one will want to work with me and I won’t help anyone” You’re still working from a self-sacrificial perspective based on over-giving without building solid foundations. You want to make a difference and truly want to help people, so it makes you uncomfortable to be charging fees for your services or products. Selling feels icky because in truth you’re not doing it for the money: money is just a way to exchange value.  

3. “I can’t fathom running a business that doesn’t align with my authentic self, but I feel like I have to change who I am to be successful.” No matter what you do, you never want to sell out. Your business is part of your identity and it has to feel good inside and out. But you look around and see entrepreneurs boasting about 5-figure monthly incomes and they have sold out to get there. It’s hard to feel like you can reach the same levels of success without giving up your authenticity in everything you do.  


Purpose to Profit: A Powerful Business Blueprint for Changemakers  

Build a laser-focused Changemaking business brand that offers the exact product at the right price to the right audience, all in eight weeks. Emerge with a strategic plan to reach short, mid, and long term goals. Start selling right away and pocket income that incredibly comes from doing work that’s totally aligned with who you are and your changemaking mission.  

This programme is right for you if you’re a…  

  • Social Entrepreneur who has unique product solutions to support the environment, wildlife conservation or empower disadvantaged communities  
  • Changemaking mentor, guide, consultant, coach or industry expert selling informational products, done-for-you services, or coaching services  
  • Thought leading expert in the holistic healing and complementary health sector. A Psychologist, Complementary Health Practitioner, Healer, or Spiritual Science pioneer 

If you…  

  • Believe in tackling the real problems of the world with practical solutions for sustainable transformation…  
  • Know you’re good at what you do and truly believe that you can make a difference in your marketplace… 
  • Are ready to invest in growing your business and taking it to the next level… Then you are in the right place. 

Here’s how you’ll benefit after 8 weeks in the Purpose to Profit Business Blueprint programme: You’ll…  

  • Own your story fully and run a business centered around your true purpose 
  • Develop an expert Brand Story with meaning, depth and impact. Learn how to be yourself and sell at the same time. 
  • Craft profitable product solutions for your niche and marketplace 
  • Unlock your Profitability Factor by developing positive relationship with money and pricing your worth 
  • Build your Abundance Mind and Heart to set you up for long-term success  
  • Transform the lives of your audience, the environment, and the world PLUS: Let us implement your Done-For-You-Tech-Systems, sales funnels and website (without the usual stress and time-suck!)  

The curriculum: How you’ll grow 

Purpose to Profit is a three-month course completed through one-on-one calls, exclusive worksheets, and deep inner exploration. Unlike other courses you may discover online, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. You will get individual in-depth mentorship from me at every step of the way.

1) PURPOSE Come home to yourself

In Week 1, we’ll do a business audit to see where you are now and where you want to go. We’ll use the Business Abundance Planner to clarify your business objectives over 10, 3, and 1-year periods and help you implement a business strategy by setting short, mid, and long term goals for the years. This document is powerful yet iterative; it’s something we will continue to work on over our three months together as your business comes to life. Next we’ll start delving into Archetype work. You’ll take the Archetype Leadership Test and we’ll go through the results together to generate your Archetypal Report. Archetypal analysis is based on Christine Koetsier’s Archetypal Soul Language for People and Organisations, Ellis Bailey’s teachings from about half a century ago; there are seven core archetypes that define the essence of identity structure as a human being: Healer, Sage, Artist, Warrior, King/Queen, Scholar, and Priest. Together, we’ll identify your dominant archetype so you can learn how you are naturally aligned. You’ll understand the purpose you are literally hardwired for, and role of service you are here to fulfil to solve the problems and answer the questions of your audience. You’ll learn how to lean into your strengths and become aware of your shadow aspects. This step gives you profound insight into who and why you are – your purpose – so you can come home to yourself through your business.  

2)POSITIONING Craft your expert story and become an authority in your niche 

In this step, you will position yourself as the go-to authority in your niche. You will inevitably compete against others that are more established, more famous, more connected, or more specialised than you. However, the good news is they can’t beat you. They can’t capture your highest distinct value or steal the uniqueness of your personal story, trajectory of personal growth, distinct acquired experience or niche expertise. You don’t need to be a celebrity or have pages of educational credits and qualifications to monetise your craft or skill. Your knowledge is valuable to others who don’t know what you know. Your experiences give you authority. We’ll develop a personalised backstory that tells the story of your trajectory of growth and how you became the person you are today. You’ll come out of Step 2 with succinct and powerful vision and mission statements and a professionally written bio that positions you as an expert. You can use these on your website or to help you communicate with clients. A bio alone can run you more than $900, but this is included in the Academy. You’ll also learn the 4 Steps to Getting Your Audience to Listen.  

3) PROSPECTS: Connect with the audience you’ll serve 

In Step 3, we’ll identify your niche, how you fit into the current market, and who exactly your ideal customer is. You will create an in-depth client avatar to fully understand the mindset of your target audience. You need to know their pains, their joys, and their deepest desires, so you can connect with them and serve them. Whose life do you want to transform? You must dare to make a commitment to one ideal customer. If you find you have more than one product or package idea, this step will help to assess what exactly the need is in the marketplace and how you can uniquely fill it.  

4) PRODUCT: Translate your thought leadership into a profitable product solution 

You’ll use everything you have learned so far to create an irresistible premium product. This could be a coaching programme, an online course, a book, or something else. Either way, you don’t have to charge hourly rates anymore because now you’ll be able to offer a cohesive, structured package that will create a lasting impact for your clients. You’ll learn the 6 Steps to Developing your Uniquely Branded Solution Framework.  

Step 5) PROFITABILITY Package and price your high level offer 

During this step, you’ll learn to price your product based on what the market allows for and on its transformational – NOT TRANSACTIONAL – value. This is often a powerful process for many people because it turns their business around. It’s a major shift in thinking.  

You may have noticed your clients would get better results if they were more committed, so you want to charge more. After Step 5, you will be able to price and package your product so you can have fewer clients who are more committed, are staying longer, and are getting better benefits. .

Step 6) PRESENTATION Sell confidently, comfortably, and authentically 

Getting on the phone with leads or presenting in front of a crowd can often be nerve-wracking. I myself can get overwhelmed when presenting! I like to keep sales training simple. You’ll learn the three main things you’ll need to sell confidently: • ‘Fake-it-til-you-make-it’ body language: first, we’ll tackle overcoming anxiety, stress, and fear. You’ll learn how you can harness your breath, peripheral vision, body language, and tonality so you can connect with your audience instead of your nerves. • Content development: you’ll learn how to develop content for a presentation or conference • Sell authentically (without awkwardness!) and close the deal: You’ll learn how to sell a future not a product and present your offer with joy and ease. If you’re someone who hates the feeling the selling, you’ll learn how to reframe the experience and present your offer with confidence. You’ll master how to stick to an optimised sales journey and not consult or give away your service before selling it. At the end of Step 6, you’ll have a personalised sales script you can use to guide clients through the sales process on the phone.  

Step7) POWERFUL ALIGNMENT Go forth with an abundance mindset 

In the final step, you’ll come into a new mindset and work through any belief systems that may be in the way of reaching your goals. We have voices in our head that are of good intent, but we also have voices that want to manipulate our own success. If you struggle with stress in your business then you will block yourself. Success is not just about receiving information through your heart but about bringing your emotional reality up-to-date with what you’re learning. We tend to question ourselves and lose confidence in what we’ve learned – especially after we’ve had some distance from the learning or the mentor. Here, you’ll become empowered in self-acceptance and belief.  

THE TECH TOP UP As an optional extra: have us build your online brand website, sales funnel and business systems! 

Work with our team of experienced website designers and copywriters to build your brand website and lead-capturing online funnels. Avoid the stress of acquiring new technical knowledge and let us do it all for you. You get all this and more when you sign up for the Purpose to Profit Programme: • 2x weekly private consulting calls with me for 7 weeks • Your Personal Brand Identity Report • Your Archetypal Thought Leadership Blueprint • Your Expert Positioning Story Draft. • 5 year Business Strategy and Business Planning Toolkit • Your Premium Brand Business or Coaching Package • Your Abundance Business Planning Toolkit. • You Personalised Sales Script and Sales Training Blueprint  

BONUSES to multiply your success: In addition to the full 7-step programme and in-depth one-on-one mentorship trainzing, you’ll also get access to these bonus offers:  

How to Write a Memorable Biography - FREE!  

Your professional biography is key to your brand story. It’s often the first thing people will read about you so it needs to be strong, like a good handshake. There is no single perfect template for professional bios, but How to Write a Memorable Biography is a guide that will take the stress out of writing your bio. You can use the bio on your website’s About page, LinkedIn, or in print for attending conferences. It will help you position yourself and serve as a backbone for your ‘elevator speech’.  

Spiritpreneur Summit Access - FREE!  

You’ll gain free membership and access to ALL recordings of The Spiritual Entrepreneurs Summit as well as an invitation to join the community on Facebook. This is an opportunity to connect and network with others in your field so you can learn from one another and share vital wisdom. I’ve made invaluable connections through the Spiritpreneur Alliance – many have become clients or referred me to exciting opportunities.  

Who is behind this?  

Christiane is the founder of the Brand Heroes Academy, a business and brand development consultancy, that empowers Changemakers to align with their path of destiny to turn their purpose into profitable business solutions- all whilst making the world a better place.  

Known as the "Storymidwife" and with over 10 years of experience in assisting Thought Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Business Owner develop the 3 Core Stories of a Thought Leading Business.

She provides fast-track accelerator programmes where she teaches her  

8-Step-Comprehensive System: Purpose to Profit a Powerful Blueprint for Changemakers.

and the 3 Step Storytelling System to craft your Expert Story and Create a Personal Brand of Significance.  

Christiane's unique approach of unlocking the potential of our Human Story in life and business brings together her years of training in Archetypal Myth and Transpersonal Psychology and her expertise as business leader, brand strategist and filmmaker.  

Her mission is to facilitate a shift in our Human Story to empower individuals and the collective to live from a place of love and significance.  

Christiane believes we are all natural born Hero's with our unique path of destiny and innate gifts to share with the world. The more more we lean into love, the more we will find alignment, success and fulfillment in our personal and professional life.  


“My greatest passion is nurturing people into their true authentic selves, teaching them how to turn their story into a message and build a business around it. This is the most rewarding aspect of my work". 

My clients quickly realize that their business success is nothing more then a reflection of their own identity. It is a sum total of their expertise, past experiences, inherited beliefs and feelings they have about themselves. This can be a pleasing or a difficult mirror to work with, yet once we accept it, we step into our power, take full responsibility and show up to our business because we show up to ourselves. 

Having worked with 100’s of business leaders over the years, this is what I have learned from the ones that keep growing in value and impact. That running a successful business isn’t difficult or complex. It just takes discipline, willingness to grow in new roles and take on responsibility. 

If the story we believe about ourselves doesn’t match the story we know we are capable of living, we first need to bridge that gap. And if the story we keep telling ourselves doesn’t reflect the story we are growing into we are out of alignment and prone to short-circuit our potential to show up fully. This is where my business consultancy approach differs greatly from the mainstream.  

Too many people believe they will turn their business around if they invest 1000’s of $ on fancy websites, expensive brand design, the latest online marketing funnels, yet this is far from the truth. In 9 out of 10 cases the reason for blocking our success is because we live by a story that is out of alignment with who we are holding us back from showing up fully.  

Speaking from personal experience and watching this transformation in my clients, the biggest breakthroughs in our business happen when we feel confident in who we are and share our message, bring tremendous value by sharing our natural talent, and feel a sense of profound satisfaction when making a significant difference to our audiences lives.  

Once we are at that level of clarity and alignment, NOTHING can hold us back.  

Not a broken economy, a messy divorce, a judgmental parent, a fierce competitor or even the mainstream way of thinking. In fact all of those things become a positive challenge in our lives that inspire us show up more.  

Here’s what people are saying:  

My name is Naomi Kunert, I have a private therapeutic practice. 

My business has transformed in many excellent ways, but what has been apparent to me and others is how Christine's unique branding methods and business training took me to the core of who I am in a beautiful and wholesome way, personally and professionally.

 I understand this part of the training was to essentially bring words and messaging to my business offering, but it gave me so much more in understanding and making conscious the truth of who I am, and the process I enter into when I work with my clientele.

I have done a lot of personal work over the past twenty years but the process I went through with Christiane was revealing and moving to me at a level I did not expect. 

Some pain points were uncovered for me that I didn't see coming. They were focused on my own beliefs both inside and outside of myself. For example, I believed because of the geographical area I was in, where many people come to retire, that I was not attracting the clientele who could afford and were interested in growing and healing themselves. Where I live on Vancouver Island, the cost of living is also quite high for Canada, so I doubly believed those that would be interested in my methodology couldn't afford it. I can't tell you how wrong I was in these beliefs, as I began working with Christiane in her fantastic methods of self-exploration, my self-confidence grew and these old beliefs released from the inside. How it translated in my business was that the client referrals I received both locally and internationally all wanted and committed to work with me long term.

I was shocked that my own logical beliefs of the area I lived in actually stemmed from an earlier belief system of fearing I wouldn't have enough, and as we worked to dislodge these beliefs the fountain of abundance opened to me and my work. My business practice has moved from being on the slow side, to being busy and booked at the level I wish to be on a weekly basis.  

Through Christiane's wise consulting, I have moved my business practice to offering packages instead of one to one sessions, which has also brought stability in scheduling and profitability, whilst getting my clients long-term results.  

The icing on my cake, is the creation of my website. It was truly a beautiful and elevating process working with Christiane inside and out. I felt acknowledged and seen to a depth few people have ever reflected back to me, and she held an open creative and interactive space to reveal my truth, my purpose, my beliefs, and my messaging to the world in a real sacred and transforming way".  

Naomi Kunert, Founder of the Self-Reconnection Method, Transpersonal Therapist and Spiritual Teacher.  

“Christiane is like a narrative tour guide. She is full of energy, power and joy and combines her own wisdom with a contemporary style.

Working with her my path got clearer, I felt inspired to walk it not just talk it. She leads you through your own story in a loving, yet very clear way. It is like finding a path in your own wilderness. 

She asks the right questions, keeps quiet, repeats and sums-up by clarifying essential points in your life story that have defined who you are today. 

She motivates you to be who you want to be and navigates you to embrace who you are, encouraging you to be yourself and empowering you to share the knowledge you gained through life experiences. 

Thus allowing you to recognise the value you hold and feel empowered to share it. She is an inspirational storytelling bridge-builder unlocking your human story.” - Petra Knickenberg  

To work with Christiane is a privilege. Her creativity is grounded in a strong and well-schooled professionalism. Her sense for truth, pureness and her ability to put the essence into workable words is amazing. Moreover, Christiane has a business sense by birth. She has a good grasp of the market place which assures that her ideas go down to the bottom line of your company. Most important for me in her work is that her holistic approach to branding, makes me connect the dots of my own journey, she brought me home. Profound, Professional and Powerful. Christine Koetsier, CEO, and Founder of Soul Language

“I had just discovered my new purpose in what I wanted to do, but had no idea of how to put it together or create a business from it. Christiane offered a powerful programme where we worked through all my thoughts, intentions, passion and beliefs, so we could identify what a kind of offering and business could be created out of all.

 It was Christiane's understanding and insight into where I was and the potential of what I was creating that convinced me to work with her as I knew she could help me streamline it into a cohesive offering and business model. I had clarity around the direction I was taking with my business. I was clear about the product I was offering. I knew how I was going to 'show up' in the world with this next phase in my journey

. I realised how much my story played a part in creating the business and product. We worked on a detailed action plan and way forward to launch the concept and product. Working through emotions and actions throughout my story, and coming to terms with my journey and how it could be used productively for the next chapter. It was a struggle for me to get real clarity as I was very close to it all. 

Christiane was very helpful in breaking it all down and helping me work through 'bite sizes' as part of the process.” - Tamar Peters, Founder of My Avatar Adventure and Top Speakers Events  

I love working with Christiane, she has the amazing ability to understand your message and convey it in such a way that it enhances your initial vision, adding so many of her insights and profound wisdom, the end results are always amazing. She is an amazingly generous spirit who I love working with as she pushes me to new heights. Leon Aarts, Author and Founder of Compassion  

"I was happy with my business but felt ready to take it to the next level. I had worked with Christiane before and trusted her guidance and support.  

As a result of completing the Programme, my business model has more clarity and I am able to provide my clients with a clear direction for transformation. I was able to identify where I was running limitations in my own abilities and how to overcome them. I felt able to step outside of my comfort zone and tackle them head-on.  

I am looking forward to launching my new Website and offer this coming month.  

I recommend the Programme as it has enabled me to get clear and focussed on my skills and abilities and helped me show up in a way to best serve the Women I want to make a difference to in this world. I feel I am now able to run a heart-centered business successfully and with great joy".  

Helen Courtney, Coach, published Author of the Silent Sufferer and founder of Evolving You.  

"Nurturing women to be emotionally resilient, fulfill their highest potential & live an unlimited life."

This type of programme could easily cost $10,000 or more. (Building a website alone typically costs over $4,000!)  

Instead: Your investment for the 7-step, in-depth, personalised Purpose to Profit Programme is $3797 US Dollars  

Or you can add a brand new website to your package for a total whole package of $5000.00 (built with care by our skilled web designers and copywriters)  

Making the right investment in your business is a big step. Before committing to anything, let’s schedule a free strategy call to see if we’re the right fit for each other. I promise there’s absolutely zero selling on this call. Just an insanely valuable strategy session.  

Whether we end up working together or not, my goal is to make sure you will walk away with newfound clarity as to where you are right now and what’s holding you back from achieving the results you want. It will likely be the most valuable 30 minutes you spend on your business this year.  


“I’m not 100% sure about my business idea. It feels only half-baked. Can you really help me?” Absolutely – that’s what this programme is for. We’ll spend a lot of time delving into your Archetype to understand your strengths and weaknesses and how they can be harnessed to create a valuable product offering. Many clients come to me without a full product or package offering in mind already. This course will help you establish a ‘fully baked’ business idea along with a detailed actionable plan to move forward and reach your income goals. “I can’t afford this – can’t I just Google this information and find it all myself?” The Purpose to Profit Business Blueprint course is no doubt an investment. If you’re serious about turning your passion into a business - if you go out there and see the value of what you offer because you know it’s creating change - you’ll make the money back easily. No question about it. Most of my clients make back their investment within 2 months. “Do I have what it takes? Am I good enough to build this business?” Many of my clients really have a gift but they haven’t built a big enough portfolio to feel confident about their capabilities. Like I said, there will always be people out there with a bigger audience or bigger portfolio of work. If you operate your business from the inside-out, you will naturally attract success and activate your Transformational Abundance Effect.  

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